Coaching Packages & Rates

After your free initial phone consultation, you can pick the coaching package that's right for you.  I work with runners of all types - from total novices to experienced marathoners.  If none of these packages seems just right for you, we can design a custom plan that fits your needs!  Contact me today to schedule your consultation and start your Dharma Running journey!

*I am strongly opposed to the commodification of "mindfulness" that makes it more accessible to affluent white people in particular.  No one class of people has more of a right to the teachings of the Buddha (or to a good running coach) than any other. Discounts are offered for all people of oppressed and mistreated populations (i.e. people of color, LGBTQ people, women...) Get in touch and we will work something out.  (Sorry, people of the dominant class, gender, race, and sexuality, but if Dharma Running is for you, you will understand.)


"Just the plan" plan

Just looking for a 12-16 week training plan to help you with your next race?  We will put together a plan based on your own experience and needs, along with tips on simple ways to introduce mindfulness to your training, as well as basic mindfulness instruction if it's new to you.  Includes unlimited email support and bi-weekly phone support.  Contact us now and you'll have a plan within a few days!



in-person coaching

Whether you are just starting your running journey or looking to PR in your next race, this plan has you covered.  Meet bi-weekly with Coach Eric for personalized help with your running form, pace, cadence - whatever you need.  Includes a training plan (and revisions along the way, if necessary), instructions and support for mindful running, as well as unlimited email/phone support.  Contact us today for more info!



online coaching

This package includes a training plan to suit your needs, unlimited email support, and weekly Skype check-ins with Coach Eric.  Like the other plans, it also includes instructions and support for mindful running.  Perfect for the runner without a lot of time to spare.  Get in touch and let's get started!


Coming soon...

Intro to Dharma Running Workshop. Click here for more information.

Dharma Running audio training.  This 6-session series will take you progressively through the steps to becoming a mindful runner.  Beginning with basic instruction on mindful running, and ending with "Metta in Motion" (loving-kindness practice on the run), you will be provided the tools to start you on a lifelong path of mindful running.  Check back or contact us to find out more!

Monthly Mindful Running Group.  Join us one evening a month for a "Dharma Talk" followed by a short run, where we will practice the mindful running techniques we have discussed.  There will be time after each run for socializing or questions.  Stay tuned for more information.