What people have to say about “Slow Down With Dharma Running” workshops:

“Thank you Eric! I am a yogi runner and have been looking for ways to blend both running/mindfulness/meditation. The power of committing to a group offers a powerful experience. I love hearing everyone’s feedback after the meditation is complete.  I hope this continues and grows!! Namaste.” - Amy T., Amy Marie Yoga

“I recently attended a Dharma Running workshop. I learned to focus my attention and now running is a moving meditation. I am so grateful for the knowledge I now have.” - Tania C.

“I am so thankful for this mini clinic on dharma and running! Eric is a great teacher and shares his knowledge with grace and sheer desire to enlighten others. It was a great balance of meditative approaches, sharing, and a group run at the end.” - Diane B. (January 2019 workshop)

“I am so thankful for the second mini clinic on dharma and running. I was able to bring a friend who also appreciated the event. I was happy to see familiar faces of people I connected with at the first clinic as well as many new faces. Thank you Eric for continuing this series! You are a gifted teacher.” - Diane B. (March 2019 workshop)

What people have to say about Dharma Running’s coaching programs:

“For my first marathon, the Dharma Running training plan guided me to complete what I hadn’t imagined possible. The schedule, encouragement, and occasional on-the-run support prepared me both physically and mentally to cross the finish line.” - Eric L. (2018 Philadelphia Marathon)

If you’d like to find out more about Dharma Running coaching programs, or schedule a workshop for your running or other group, please contact me here!