Seven points of posture:

1.      Sit on a cushion or chair – be comfortable but supported

2.      Rest your hands gently on your thighs/knees on in your lap

3.      Keep your back straight, spine natural – imagine a string pulling up through the top of your head

4.      Keep your shoulders relaxed, your chest open

5.      Relax your chin toward your chest, keeping your head comfortably at the top of your spine

6.      Keep your lower jaw slightly open

7.      Lower your gaze to several feet in front of you, or close your eyes

Take three deep breaths – breathe into lower abdomen, and exhale as completely as possible – letting awareness dissolve into the space around you 

Gently place your attention on your breathing – the sensation of your body breathing in and out – pick one particular sensation to focus on (air entering the nose, diaphragm rising and falling, whatever feels most natural to focus on) 

As thoughts, feelings arise, just notice them and then let them go along with your outbreath.  Be gentle with yourself – it’s common to notice how wild your mind is when you start to meditate.  Even if you drift off on a thought for a few minutes, just gently return to your breath with no judgment.   



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