Welcome to dharma running!

Dharma Running is a Buddhist-based approach to cultivating mindfulness through the practice of running.  Turning the trendy notion of “mindful running” on its head, my goal is to bring mindfulness back to its Buddhist roots and offer runners opportunities to study its teachings and nurture wisdom and compassion both on the run and throughout the day. 

I don’t promise to “give you an edge” in your running or any other aspect of your life.  I have experienced benefits from running mindfully, such as a stronger sense of discipline when approaching a training plan, heightened awareness of form and potential injuries, and a deeper connection to the “runner’s high” – the sense of interconnection that can permeate your senses after a particularly strong run.  You may experience those benefits, as well, and my job is to offer you both the meditation and running tools that can help you get there on your own. 

The Dharma (teachings of the Buddha) offers a way to transform ourselves and society to be kinder, gentler, and more enlightened.  I hope that Dharma Running will awaken in runners a desire to participate in that transformation and the tools to do so.    

what is Mindful Running?

Mindfulness is a practice of noticing that has been cultivated in the Buddhist tradition for more than 2,500 years.  In sitting meditation, you might notice the birds singing outside, your thoughts about what to eat for dinner, your knees as they ache from sitting in such an uncomfortable position...you notice these things, then gently let go and bring your attention back to the object of your meditation - your breathing, your posture, thoughts of loving-kindness.  Over time, the distractions become just background noise and your ability to stay present grows stronger - on the cushion and off. 

Mindful running is a similar practice.  We use the same techniques learned in sitting meditation to bring awareness back to our form, our breathing, our pace...and by doing so we focus on what's important, when it's important.  When we train ourselves to run mindfully, we can more easily find the "zone" where running becomes more natural.  We can learn to enjoy every moment of the run!

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