Dharma Running offers a variety of workshops and retreats to accommodate your schedule and needs. Please email eric@dharmarunning.com or call 484.553.6631 for more information. Whether you are looking for a local workshop or would like to schedule a retreat at your venue, we will do our best to make it easy for you


This 90-minute workshop provides participants with the basics of Dharma Running and includes a 3-5 mile run (weather permitting) and Q&A session.

Half-Day Workshop

• Learn about and begin to practice Buddhist meditation

• Deepen your understanding of Buddhist teachings and philosophy

• Gain valuable insight into your self, worldview, and actions

• Enjoy running on a spiritual level

• Improve your running with mindfulness

• Nurture your own inherent wisdom and compassion

This 4-hour workshop will begin with the basics of meditation and how to incorporate it into your daily running, and advance to other practices that can be used on the run to develop compassion and insight.  It will include an approximately 30-45 minute run (all paces welcome) with ample time for questions and discussion. Topics to be covered include:

• Buddhist Thought 101 – Foundational teachings and philosophy

• Meditation instruction – Simple practices to cultivate mindfulness and loving-kindness

• Mindful running – Incorporating meditation practice into your running/training

• Engaged Buddhism – Moving from the meditation cushion and trail/road/treadmill to everyday life

• Tips and resources to help you develop and maintain a daily practice

No running or meditation experience is necessary!

For more information, to find a workshop near you, or to host a workshop, please visit www.dharmarunning.com or email eric@dharmarunning.com.